• “Glimpse of Light” for String quartett (performed by Kairos Quartett)
  • “What is it all About?” 1 Hours Concert (performed by Eunbi Jeong and Sharleen Revia)
  • “Labyrinth of Time” (performed by Marco Ramaglia)
  • “Bench in the Harbor” for Trio


  • “Was ist Freiheit?” For solo percussion (performed by Eunbi Jeong)
  • “Box of Memories” for solo toy piano (performed by Marco Ramaglia)
  • “Teka-teki” for daegum, gayageum, changgu, koto, Sheng and contrabass (performed by Asian Art Ensemble)
  • “Hear and listen” for flute, clarinet, violin, and violincello
  •  “Sudut Pandang” for alto flute, violin and gamelan
  •  “Drei kleinen Schweinchen” for chamber ensemble and voice


  •  “Labyrinth of Time” for solo piano
  •  “Heimat” for voice and piano
  •  “Märchen des Waldes” for violin, viola, violincello, marimba and zither
  •  “Dance in the Rain” for flute, viola, and harp
  •  “Dance of Flower Petals” for flute, english horn, clarinet, guitar, accordion, and piano

Sharleen Revia · Märchen Des Waldes (2019)for Violin, Viola, Cello, Marimba and Zither

Sharleen Revia · Dance Of The Flower Petals (2019) for Flute, cor anglais, clarinet, guitar, accordion and piano


  •  “Dämmerung und Nacht” for flute, oboe, violincello, accordion, and percussion
  •  “Bunga Bangsa dari Papua” for Chamber Ensemble and percussion
  •  “Zauber” for Recorder, Viola, and Percussion
  •  “Still” for solo violin

Sharleen Revia · Dämerrung Und Nacht (2018) for Flute, Oboe, Accordion, Cello, Percussion

Sharleen Revia · Zauber (2018) for Recorder, Viola, and Percussion


  • “Kampoeng” for flute anf piano

Sharleen Revia · Kampoeng (2017) for Flute and Piano

Sharleen Revia | Music Composer